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is now closed. people will now have to go to oakland or santa clara. officials told us the transition was smooth this weekend. they averaged four children a day. kaiser said consolidating it offers a higher level of care. 21 of the 22 nurses that worked there have been reassigned and one retired. many are still upset about the closure. they say they're concerned about the patients that lived nearby. >> they will be evaluated in the emergency room. too sick at that time, they'll try to stabilize them, and then they will have to try transporting them to a facility with pediatrics. that could take two, to six, two eight hours. >> we recognize it's a change in location but that families want the best for their children. the best for them is to be in a pediatric specialty center. this is supported bically missions at the children's hospitals of oakland, they support what we're doing here. >> their outpatient facility will continue to be open. >>> a strike averts at the university of california met a agreement with their unionized forces. . a deal with annual raises of 4%. it must be approv
in the marine corps is, it's simultaneously. you didn't react. you uses do it. >>reporter: the raiders even sent a contingent that included legendary defensive back will brown to stockton to pay the man a visit. bring him a cash of team goodies. >> like football. playing defensive back. a guy running the ball you don't think about how you are going to hit. you just hit him. you know. same thing. he didn't think about catching her. he just reacted. >> despite the efforts the young woman still sustained serious head injury and remains in critical condition at high land hospital in stockton, low pressure a thoip abc 7 news. >> president obama is in los angeles right now next leg of west coast political fundraising tour. here is air force one taking off late this afternoon from san francisco international. after a 6 hour stay in san francisco where he urged supporters to stick with him despite the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. we have team coverage of the president visit to the bay area tonight beginning with abc 7 news reporter vick lee. >> ♪ oh, >> her niece sang th
this happened. reporting continues right now open twitter. follow us at 7 news bay area and more on this on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> good evening. thanks for being here. ferocious storm system with very bad timing is creating all kinds of trouble with one of the busiest travel days of the year just hours away now. this is a live look at sfo. if you travel today there were no delay to report but that could change dramatically. 20 states are in the storm path and many families are wondering whether they will make it home for thanksgiving. here's devon. >> on the east coast today a wet winter sloing to thanksgiving day. biggest snor storm we have seen in quite some time along the east coast and happening on the busiest travel week of the year. snow ice made travel treacherous in western pennsylvania parts of new york while soaking rain snarling traffic from florida to new jersey. it's all going to last for one more day. >> this storm is a triple threat. as far as travel concerns. rain. snow. ice. mainly delay. at the airport fliers are bracing for the worst. some will
the evening including on abc 7 news at 11:00. you can follow any breaking development with us on twitter and 7 news bay area. >> good evening everyone. i'm in for dan ash ri tonight. >> also a major development in the battle between bart and the union. as we first broke on twitter abc 7 news learned the union are about to saw bart for voting to approve the new labor contract without disputed clause. transportation reporter heather has the story now from daly city. >>reporter: one bart rider reacted to the prospect of lawsuit this way. >> lawsuit is not the way to resolve this. nobody wins but the lawyers. >>reporter: after 2 strike this is year, cooling off, months of torture negotiations and 2 worker death on the track it appeared bart and union had a deal in october. then the stunning announcement from bart that management had signed a family medical leave clause in error. section 4.8 would give workers up to 6 week paid family leaf. bart said it didn't mean to agree to that and vote entered november to the approve the 67 million dollar contract deal only if the clause was tak
from us and over the water. into the night sky, the fire continues to burn more than seven hours since it first started this afternoon. that shelter in place ordinance that you just mentioned is for residents in the immediate area because of smoke. the health advisories include a large swath of peninsula and south bay. smoke spewed into the air for the evening. sang at that clara county and south alameda county. firefighters are on the call. it's burning in a scrap metal pile and not easy to get to the core of the flames. >> crushed cars, recycled metals and other types of industrial recycled equipment. >> it's tough to get to the fire itself? >> correct. it's deep seeded. they're breaking it up. >> reporter: we're told the fire is contained, but the fire marshal also says it will still take at least until midnight to pry apart the metal piles and fully douse this fire. it's a possibility it will still be burning in the morning. the bay area quality management and other environmentalle health agencies are also here the to monitor the situation. police have given the heads up to local h
will get to destinations by you driving. meteorologist lee shows us what kind of weather travelers can expect. >> you're exactly right. southern california may see rain wednesday and thursday. the bay area may be dry for the most part as we head to thursday. we're dry now. let's talk about the winter storm brewing throughout texas, also oklahoma heading throughout arkansas and portions of memphis. that is freezing rain. quite a bit of snow expected tonight. tomorrow night going to be cold back east. 38 washington d.c. snow in the tennessee valley area. here is a look at what you can expect. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, flight delays. 3:00 severe thunderstorms in the southeast and check out how this starts to roll on up towards no new england. tuesday afternoon, rain, snow mix. that's going to make things worst. that turns into quite a bit of severe weather wednesday night to thursday. we'll stake a look at our forecast coming up in just a bit. >>> the president's job approval rating is at an all-time low. tomorrow he'll spend the day in san francisco. the president is in seattle tonight attendi
whipped gust up to 2 35 miles per hour. faster than any u.s. storm. >> whenhe wind sped do go up the damage does go up expo tension nationally that's why we are talking catastrophic damage. >> waves as high as 19 feet. miles of power line mangled and dangling an millions in the dark and out of touch. nearly 750,000 people pull up stake and in one case the whole house flee the path of the storm. some weren't by water and some started off on foot. others ended up that way. >> evacuee cramp shelters where they waited out the storm. >> tl we feel safe here said this woman. even if it is evacuation center we are okay. one saving grace typhoon moved through quickly. >> it has spared the island one of the major danger to floodin flooding. that's where most of the fatality occur. >> now heads west to vietnam. with potential for more devastation. chuck, abc news new york. >> well nearly half million filipino americans live in the bay area and of course many of them are anxiously awaiting word from relatives in the philippines. bay area relief group asking for help as donation begin
lake and spencer tells us, don't forget the chains, they are required over the pass. and half a mile west of santa rosa, this tree was forced the to come down. compromising power lines and closing a road there. and look at the highway, it was flooded, you can see the water spilling over the over pass. investigators say a driver going too fast went off a cliff. >> the chp said that the lexus skidded on the slick pavement and dropped 50 feet on the east side of highwaystehighway 17, r victims and hoisting the car back to the road caused a traffic mess that lasted for se several hours. a lot of people sent in their pictures. here is highway 101 in paul avenue. it forced the chp to shut down all but one lane. there's a man up to almost his waist in water. abc 7 carolyn tyler has more on what was a challenging day for many drivers. if you were trying to get from here to there today, you know it was not easy. on 101, heading from the peninsula, northbound from san francisco, it was not only stop and go, but slip and slide if you drove in to a gusher like this. caltrans cleared debris on th
it a hand grenade. we first broke the story on twitter and 7 news at finance:00 if you were with us then. good evening. >> that mistake may force bart board to scrap the agreement because it contains what one bart director describes as clerical error granting too much paid family medical leave to union workers. bart 2 largest union approved the contract last month after workers went out on strike twice in the past 4 months. now sources tell us that this page in the agreement that you are looking at somehow made it into the final draft and signed as you can see by all the negotiate ors. officials claim they rejected that position and they agreed to take it out. at issue family medical leave. new contract states bart would give workers full pay for the first 6 weeks. the old language said if employee need to use sick leave and vacation time. atu president bryant issued this statement saying quote bart management is attempting to go back on agreements it made in july and august and that were part of the final deal. this the is unconscionable. bart board is expected to vote on the co
're not saying don't do that, but if people have that preference. that is why they're approaching us, they want to know 100% of their donations will go to communities on the ground in the philippines. >> reporter: volunteers say $100,000 has already been erased. the supporters and donors gathered this morning to pray for the welfare of the survivors. in the south bay, the office is engaged in a grass roots funding campaign to provide dehydrated food and bottles. to build the schools in haiti after the earthquake and they may do the same in the philippines. >> we don't know yet, but we'll see how desperate, and in need they are for supplies and support. but probably, we'll build some schools, maybe, we don't know yet. >> reporter: this is a global humanitarian group with 50 volunteers ready to help. if you're interested in helping to these agencies, go to abc7, click on see it on tv. nbc, david louis, abc 7 news. >>> and as you well know the situation in the philippines seems to grow more desperate every day now. the official death toll stands at 2700, but sadly is expected to rise. the u.s. has
. >> there's a need for toll increase to help us fund the transit system which in turn keeps 25 percent of the traffic that would have to cross the bridge off the bridge in the morning. >> next step. presenting the options to the district board then series of public hearings. expect an earful. >> raise to it 50 dollars? then you don't havetory would. the won't have a deficit. >>reporter: if only it were that simple. from the golden gate bridge, abc 7 news. >> new details tonight in the police chase that ended in serious crash in richmond. officers say they lost the suspect car moments before the crash would he were over the scene. 2 people seriously hurt when the cars slammed that the vehicle around 4 this afternoo afternoon. police arrested 2 people in the suspect vehicle passenger and driver. officers say is gang member wanted on several felony warrants. third suspect is still on the run tonight. >> the now to the latest from the philippines. u.s. state department says 2 americans are among the victims of typhoon killed in the aftermath of the storm. almost 250 members of th
to change. as cleveland indian ks kansas city chiefs and atlanta braves. what used to be okay is not any more critic say. >> it used to be we had to ride in the back of the bus. was it right then? is it right now? no. >>reporter: but is it right in vallejo? have you seen any of the school skits. >> the school games, no. but they are pretty much the same. >>reporter: tim banks has he covers football for the vallejo regional television channel. he says we know racism if he saw it at an apache game. >> i have never zion seen an indian mascot. >> ever seen a feather. >> i have never they ever seen any feather. >> heard a drum. >> no kind of drum beat or any. >>reporter: war drans. >> no war dancing or anything. >>reporter: anybody ever said kill the pche. >> no. nothing. >> times are changing. we are getting at bit more civil. >>reporter: and contentious. in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> one man being hailed a hero tonight after helping evacuate more than 1,000 people just before the soup typhoon hit the philippines 10 days ago now. tiny island here took a direct hit. destroyed almost al
there is something. good evening. get writ to 7 news weather anchor spencer christian tracking the weather for us on leif doppler 7 hd. waiting awhile. >> we have. now we get the reward for our listening wait. here's live doppler 7hd see a wide area of rain and some heavy moving right through the central part of the bay area. let's look closer. you cap see from the golden gate and lower marin county through san francisco to large portion of the east bayment start writ here where we have a batch of heavy rain moving on shore writ now. southern marin county. mill valley to tiburon and san francisco sunset district. now across the bay farthest just past oakland and richmond out to walnut correctth largely area of moderate heavy rain fall there to che top and antioch so we have got lots of rain in the central part of the viewing area right now but down south in the south bay on the peninsula in the santa cruz mountains still light moderate rain fall. hasn't intensified there yet as we had expected but could occur later in the evening hours. start forecast animation at 10:00 o'clock tonight at w
on see it on tv. >> our reporting continues right now on twitter follow us at this web site. up taste on the powerful storm on twitter and of course on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we focus on other things for the moment. twitter made huge splash on wall street you probably heard instant millionaire out of dozens. perhaps hundreds of employees. the stock closing this afternoon at just under 45 dollars a share. 72 percent premium from i p o price of 26 dollars this morning. sent the value of the company to about 25 billion dollars. at that level twitter now more valuable than company like kellogg and whole foods. business technology reporter david louis has the story. >>reporter: this was one day twitter employees probably wanted to be at the office early while the doors closed to us we got inside look at i p o day from the tweet and photo posted by employees. this is the mound of do nut awaited them. super charging them with sugar on top of adrenalin rush of the opening bell in new yor york. they scuvrj together to watch the ceremony on tv monitors. one think was clea
of the devastation as many as 10 million people affected by the storm. u.s. has already committed 20 million dollars in aid. more probably coming and bay area communities are reach out to help any way they possibly can. there is a race against time now to save the family caught in the aftermath of this typhoon. we are seeing new images of the moment of impact and hearing astonishing stories of survival. gloria is in one of the towns that took a direct hit. >> we joined the chopper with bag of rice below us devastation. home after home shattered. family living in rubble without food or water. relief can't come fast enough. this is why. new image of the monster up close. witness the moment of impact firsthand. >> it blew hard. it blew for hours and didn't let up. >> at one point jumping into a swimming pool to dodge the deadly wind. hurdles debris through the air. others clung to the roof. rescue family floated on mattresses. waves smacked the coast. and the wall of water pushed inland. reaching 20 feet high. obliterating everything in the past and tanker ship into the town. the
a crush of shoppers. line there started forming early this afternoon. toys-r-us closes at midnight and reopens at 5 tomorrow morning. more stores than ever are opening on thanksgiving day this year. nick smith joins us live at the square with washington look what's happening there. big party out there. >> this is the first time macy actually opened the doors on thanksgiving day. as kahn see the store definitely packed behind me as they open the door things kicked off with huge flood of customers rushing in. now macy union square officially kicked off the holiday shopping soap day early this year. more than 300 people storm the doors as soon as employee flip the lock. retailers pushed opening time into thanksgiving night and pushed up the deep discounts once reserved for black friday. now financial experts say it's a savvy manufacture and retailers are simply trying to get shop investigators buy in an economy that is still challenging. city. big line all the way to the corner. we got here early and went to the counter. >> macy opening at 8:00 o'clock on thanksgiving day befor
the baby to u.s. officials. >> they had stopped him at a checkpoint in mexico. and again, based on their interview with him they called the u.s. border patrol at lukeville. gave them the name, they ran the name in the computer system. they discovered there was a warrant for an arrest for a child abduction. >> the abduction stems to an ongoing dispute between guler and his girlfriend on his desire to move out of state. >>> and looking into a hate crime, a high school student who is also an activist for gender identity issues, set on fire on an ac transit bus and badly burned. here is laura anthony. >> i wish people would wake up and realize life is too short for them to be killing and beating each other up. >> a neighbor who can be heard talking on the video shot this scene with his cell phone, mome moments after police and paramedics responded to a call that a passenger had had been badly burned on an ac transit bus monday evening, happening on the 57 line between mcarthur. the man lit his clothing on fire, the fellow students know fleishman as sasha. >> well, luke is an excelle
. peninsula coast. also areas north of us up into lake county and mendocino county into the sacramento valley and sierra foot hills. this is in effect until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. winds in higher elevation especially gust as hi as 70 miles per hour. be on the look out for down tree and expect local power outages right now winds gusting 48 miles per hour at petaluma. 40 miles per hour over at fairfield. we have 35 miles per hour gust at sfo. across the bay oakland 40 miles per hour gust all around the bay area right now. wind strong and expected to get stronger in many locations overnight. a little bit more in a few minutes later. >> okay spencer thanks very much. >> come become shortly. remin reminder the 7 news weather app has latest wind warnings and weather alert. down load it it's free of charge at this site. put that on your personal did he vase now. it can really come in handy on a nature like this. >> section 4.8. that's the sticking point that could leaf you stranded in another bart strike. major decision by the bart board tonight on the botched contract. here'
disciplinary action if needed. join us at 11:00 o'clock tonight over at abc 7 for reaction to this dispute. and how this could actually lead to believe it or not another strike. all right that's what's going wrong. turn your attention what went right in big way. 5-year-old boy who became san francisco super hero. toast of the town national accept sayings. about darns sensation. -- sensation. here he is saving a damsel in distress tied to the muni trac track. if then to bank vault stopping the ridler from a plot to rob a bank. >> a off leukemia winning over san francisco was nothing. thousands came out to cheer him on to help make his wish complete. what a great day. it's miles scott from siskiyou county. amma is part of the bay area mick a wish organization that made this happen today and she was there as he merged in lamborgini bat mobile as bat kid. >> hero emerge from the bat cave at yawn square after receiving an urgent message. >> we begin this morning broadcast with breaking news from san francisco hall of justice. >> please contained crusader we need you. and bring the b
where they are happily resting. >> the student does not identify as male or female. that's why they use the pronoun they. the 18-year-old received second and third degree burns after the skirt the child was wearing was lit on fire. 16-year-old richard thomas faces felony assault and mayhem charges and hate crimes in adult court. sasha's parents would like him tried as a juvenile. the pry mayor concern is getting life back to normal. >> the prognosis is excellent and they're already talking about joining in ballroom dancing clubs, which we'll see. >> we're hoping that something good will come out of this. that this kind of intolerance will be -- people will realize that you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> sasha hopes to return to classes at berkeley's may beck high school next week. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >>> residents in two dozen homes on treasure island are preparing to move out tonight. they were notified this week that they will have to relocate while hazardous materials are cleaned up in from the soil. they're c
officials tell us that the contractor is still working on which to contain all the debris. work will now most likely begin within a week. crew hope to have almost 1500 feet of the span demonthly issued in 6 week time. entire demolition job will take three years. >> well 24 hours after man was set on fire. oakland police have tracked down and arrested the person they say is responsible. 16-year-old boy. happened on ac transit bus near the intersection of mcarthur boulevard and art avenue. we see the area here. victim is 18-year-old man luke fleshman in stable condition in the burn unit at st. francis memorial hospital in san francisco. police say luke was asleep when the attacker hit his clothes on fire for some reasons. passengers helped put it out quickly as the attacker got away. police reviewed video to track down the young man who did this. 16-year-old. >> well 24-year-old man shot by fairfield police today has died. shooting shut down stretch of highway 12 between pennsylvania and bank avenue. we were overhead. you can see investigators doing their work. it all began at nea
as they happen here during this hour and follow us open twitter at this site. for any development. good evening. other top story the airports of 13-year-old santa rose boy shot and killed by shivers deputy filed a lawsuit today against sonoma county and officer who pulled the trigger. lopez was killed by deputy who thought the toy gun he was holding was real. and the parents are now asking for a fair and thorough investigatio investigation. lee ann is on the story. >> lawyer representing the family of 13-year-old lopez of santa rosa said the shooting was a case of racial profile. >> he assumed that mexican-american kid with a gun is a gang member dressed like a gang member i'm going to shoot first and ask questions later. >> so gnome know him county responded saying statements in the claims alleging that the sheriff encouraging deputy to prematurely shoot suspects who pose no threat or3w danger are false. he was shot and killed on october 22. 2 sonoma county deputy spotted the teen walkin walking. one of them eric gale house told investigators he mistook the teen pellet gun for a real one
in summarizing just who he is. >> reporter: judge andrew sweet called naso evil, one of those people who make us worry about our kids walking to school. who make us lock our doors at night. he gave naso death sentences for each of three victims. carmen cologne in contra costa county pam parsons and tracy that foia in yuma county. he also said the murders in marin and sarah dillon in neve county by naso played a role in his decision. several of the victims' children spoke in court. shane ashby is roxine rogash's son. >> you said to naso i hope you live to be 110. why did you say that? >> well, i'd kind of like him to sit there and suffer just as long as the families suffered without having any closure. >> reporter: the case broke open three years ago with a probation search of naso's reno home. along with guns officers found this bizarre collection of mannequins to which naso applied makeup and dressed in lingerie. they also found what prosecutors called a rape diary and a list of ten, the places where he apparently dumped his victims. carmen colon's daughters disagreed at the hearing today. one
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23